The Team

The SeaTwirl team is small but very ambitious and highly motivated with wide technological knowledge and entrepreneurial experience. The team form a strong base for the key technology development of the floating wind turbines.

SeaTwirls engineers represent a wide range of backgrounds that together cover the key technology areas for SeaTwirls products, such as design, simulation, hydrodynamics, testing and mechanical construction.


Gabriel Strängberg Gabriel Strängberg

Onshore wind power is an established major international industry. Offshore wind power is still rather small in global terms, but growing very fast, with a doubling between 2014 and 2015 in Europe. It is still significantly more expensive to build offshore wind farms, but the prices are dropping on offshore wind turbines, and it is for several reasons much better placing the wind turbines offshore. The biggest reason for the increased establishment of offshore wind power, is that the wind blows more often and stronger, which provides significantly more energy from the same turbine size.
Commercial offshore wind is currently foundation based, which means the areas which can be developed for offshore wind power is limited to shallow waters. It is not economically feasible to build in deeper waters than 50 meters. Therefore, the next step is floating wind turbines. It will most likely be a very substantial expansion of offshore and floating wind power in the coming decades.
SeaTwirl has a unique solution for floating wind power, while each part of the wind turbine is a proven technology. Most of the floating concepts that are being tested are of the traditional type of horizontal axis turbines mounted on some form of floating structure. There is much to suggest that vertical-axis wind turbines are more suitable for the marine environment than the traditional horizontal-axis wind turbines. The simplicity of the design and a low center of gravity are the great advantages. Few moving parts, which are easily accessible because they are located near the water surface which reduces the cost of the wind turbine. The cost of the service and maintenance is also reduced, which is an important aspect for the future owners of the wind turbines. SeaTwirl has built and launched a prototype, SeaTwirl S1, which shows that the principle works.
Now we want to build a larger scale model, SeaTwirl S2, with an installed turbine capacity of 1 MW which will demonstrate the advantages of a larger system.
SeaTwirls great advantages are that the product is a simple, robust and cost-effective design that also leads to lower service and maintenance costs compared to other traditional wind turbines. SeaTwirl will deliver a competitive solution for future sustainable power generation which makes us believe in a positive future for Sea Twirl.
Göteborg, november 2016


The Team
SeaTwirl team From left to right: Vahik Khodagolian, Daniel Ehrnberg, Gabriel Strängberg, Julia Skälegård, Andreas Börjesson


Gabriel Strängberg, Managing Director
Gabriel has experience from earlier positions as Managing Director and Technology Manager from a mechatronic business. Gabriel holds a degree of Master of Science in Mechanical Engineering from Chalmers University of Technology, and a Bachelor’s degree from University of Central Florida.


Erik Steinholtz, Project Manager
Eriks main task at Seatwirl is project management for the development of the first 1MW SeaTwirl unit. Eriks previous employment involved project management and being a lead engineer on large projects. Erik holds a Master’s degree from Chalmers University of Technology in Mechanical Engineering with specialization in Marine technologies. At SeaTwirl, Erik adds knowledge and experience in form of project management, hydrodynamics, structural and mechanical engineering.


Andreas Blom, Chief Financial Officer
Andreas Blom has master’s degree in finance and accounting and a background as an accountant at EY. He has long experience from finance and accounting roles at early development stage companies and is currently responsible for the finances of GU Venture’s portfolio companies. He will work as CFO for SeaTwirl on a consultancy basis.


Daniel Ehrnberg, Inventor and technical specialist
Daniel is the inventor and founder of SeaTwirl corp. Daniel has a strong interest in energy technology and innovation. Daniel has experience in bu
ilding companies and development in several energy fields such as energy storage, electric vehicle development, wind energy, wave energy, and stirling engines. He holds a Master of Science (MSc.) in physics and in 2010 he got an award from King Carl XVI Gustaf for his work in “sustainable development of wave energy”.


Andreas Börjesson, R&D Design Engineer
Andreas holds a master of science in Mechanical Engineering from Chalmers University. He contributes with great design engineering skills and a positive attitude to help us reach our goals.


Julia Skälegård, Project engineer
Julia holds bachelor degree in Mechanical Engineering from Chalmers University. She contributes with a strong ambition that makes the projects finish in time and for the creation of a sustainable society.


Vahik Khodagolian, Sr. Fluid Dynamics Engineer
Vahik has an extensive experince in applied fluid dynamics/aerodynamics from a wide range of projects from aeronautics, automotive, oceanography to offshore and biomimetics. He holds a Master of philosophy in Aeronautical Engineering. He is very curious and has often unconventional ideas about design. That combined with his desire for new challenges in exciting projects makes him a valuable member of the team at Seatwirl.


The team also consists of a several experts supporting the business and technology development.