The Board

Roger Cederberg
Roger Cederberg
Roger Cederberg, Chairman of the board
Roger Cederberg has extensive experience as CEO and Chairman of several companies with broad international base. Roger is now mainly engaged in start-ups and companies in the growth stage. He has been working for GU Ventures with business development and investment for several years. Roger has a Master of Science in Engineering Physics, a Master of Philosophy (M.Phil.) in Computer Engineering and an MBA.

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Daniel Ehrnberg
Daniel Ehrnberg
Daniel Ehrnberg, Inventor and board member
Daniel is the inventor and founder of SeaTwirl corp. Daniel has a strong interest in energy technology and innovation. Daniel has experience in building companies and development in several energy fields such as energy storage, electric vehicle development, wind energy, wave energy, and stirling engines. He holds a Master of Science (MSc.) in physics and in 2010 he got an award from King Carl XVI Gustaf for his work in “sustainable development of wave energy”.






Katarina Frotjold
Katarina Frotjold
Katarina Frotjold, Board member
Katarina Frotjold has previous experience from the automotive industry and the wind power industry and has been involved in several interesting wind power projects before. She has great passion in the wind power and in particular vertical axis wind turbines. Katarina adds important knowledge of the wind industry.






Pontus Ryd

Pontus Ryd, Board member
Pontus Ryd is from Solvina corp. that recently invested in SeaTwirl corp. Solvina Group’s operations has given Pontus extensive access to international business contacts with network operators and energy companies as well as deep expertise in several technical areas including the power plants integration, stability and regulation of the electricity grid. This may open additional unique opportunities for SeaTwirl in the world






Pontus Laurits
Peter Laurits
Peter Laurits, Board member
Peter Laurits holds an M.Sc. degree in Electronic Engineering from Chalmers University of Technology and began his career at Saab Training Systems, where he later took over as vice CEO and responsible for sales. Between 2008 and 2013, Peter was the Managing Director of Corroventa Avfuktning AB, a company that is a world leader in mobile dehumidification. Since 2013, Peter is the CEO and co-owner of Concept Training Equipment AB.