SeaTwirl prototype P3

SeaTwirl deployed its first floating wind turbine off the coast of Sweden in August, 2011. More info about the technology can be read at the technology page.

Nice evening
A successful test installation have been carried out in the sea near Halmstad on the Swedish west coast 2011. Intense weeks of building, launching and tests at sea have now been completed and the technology has proven to work excellent.
Construction of the SeaTwirl Prototype Halmstad.
Construction of the SeaTwirl Prototype Halmstad.
Tests during daytime
Tests conducted during daytime

The marine environment is something you need to have respect for and the requirements of the techniques in this environment is very high. Therefore it was a great relief to see how well the prototype III could handle winds of up to 19 m/s in rough sea.

The Halmstad prototype could not be produced and tested without the support from other actors and experts. And the development, construction and installation of the prototype is made in cooperation and with support of the following companies, organisations and institutions:

Chalmers University of technology
Habasit AB
Ingeniörsfirman Myrén & Co. AB
Mekpart AB
Miltronic AB
Halmstad Hamn AB
Rexnord Industries
SP Technical Research Institute of Sweden
University of Gothenburg

Thanks for the support!