Welcome Jonathan!

Meet our new engineer Jonathan Hooper.

Jonathan Hooper

Welcome to SeaTwirl Jonathan Hooper! Tell us about yourself!

I’m an Englishman that comes from just outside the Marine Heritage town of Portsmouth, located on the south coast of the always sunny UK. Portsmouth is where I also studied Engineering from 2006 to 2011, before moving to Gothenburg to enjoy a range of disciplines from Lead Engineer to Project Manager, all of which being focused towards environmentally tailored solutions within the heavy marine industry sector. These have included stern shaft seals and composite bearings, Outboard engines and hydrogen fuel cells.

What brought you to SeaTwirl?

I saw a great opportunity to immerse myself further in the renewable energy market in a differing discipline from before, but with a basis on ideas that I already have experience and interest in. When looking at SeaTwirl, I could see the clear company growth potential and could perceive the interesting array of challenges that could be put towards myself. Working with a small flexible team centrally, high up in Läppstiftet (a famous building in Gothenburg, editors note) is certainly also a bonus!

And what will you be doing?

I will be the Lead Engineer responsible for mechanical drive components, working to optimise and make possible the effective operation of our renewable solutions.

Final question, what is the proudest moment of your career so far?

Prior to SeaTwirl, one of my proudest moments would be when I was responsible for the design of all four main shaft seals on the US Navy’s biggest vessel, the CVN-78 Aircraft Carrier. Once installed, I then had the pleasure of seeing the components installed and operating on-board, to parameters just as my calculations and subsequent design originally suggested. I also did the same for a UK submarine and under that occasion also helped with installation (in a highly cramped compartment), keeping them sailors at full dive depth, from getting just a little bit wet.

Are you interested in our products?

Interested in how SeaTwirl can help your energy project deliver renewable energy at the lowest cost available? Welcome to contact us for a more in-depth presentation of our products and projects!

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