Finding the optimal design

Meet Johanna, the Chalmers student writing her thesis for SeaTwirl.

Hi Johanna Stenmark! Who are you?
I’m a student on my final semester of studying applied mechanics at Chalmers University of Technology. That means writing a thesis, which is usually done for a company. They often publish list of things they want students to research, but in this case I emailed SeaTwirl and asked if they had anything.

How did hear about SeaTwirl?
A friend of mine knew about SeaTwirl, somehow, and he knew that I had taken many fluid mechanics courses, so he tipped me off. I like that SeaTwirl is in renewable energy. It is a field that I would like to work in, in the future.

So you emailed SeaTwirl?
Yes, and Jonas (Boström, CTO), Rémi Corniglion and I discussed an idea they had for a project: to find an optimal design, both a from an aerodynamic and structural integrity perspective, for the wing profile on the large turbine, SX.

How is it going?
Great! I have been here about a month now. Come early June, I should be finished.

Best of luck!

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