Meet our Master Students!

Say hi to our Master’s Students, Rebecka Bergström and Karl Arvidsson, who joined SeaTwirl to write their Master Thesis on the subject “Concept evaluation and optimization of turbine design”.

Rebecka Bergström, Bachelor in Automation & Mechatronics, Masters in Product Development
Karl Arvidsson, Bachelor in Mechanical Engineering, Masters in Applied Mechanics

How did you get in contact with SeaTwirl?

Rebecka: We had a seminar on the Master Thesis projects last September and Jonas Boström (CTO, SeaTwirl) presented the Master Thesis we are currently working on. I thought both the work and the company sounded very interesting and therefore applied.

Kalle: I couldn’t attend the seminar, but I saw that SeaTwirl announced for a Master Thesis project and then reached out to Jonas to show my interest. I was already curious about the company and the project seemed to be very interesting, hence applying was an easy decision.

Had you heard about SeaTwirl before you applied?

Rebecka: No, it was my first-time hearing of SeaTwirl on the Master Thesis seminar.

Kalle: Yeah, I had read some articles about SeaTwirl before. The combination of an innovative and technical product in the renewable energy sector awoke my interest about the company.

Tell us more about your Master Thesis!

We are trying to develop a methodology for faster evaluation of early-stage turbine concepts. The idea is that the approach we take might be used in development for future, larger turbines. To sum it up a little we are using FE-modeling and optimization to examine how one can get a first idea of the feasibility and cost of a turbine concept.

How has your experience been working at SeaTwirl so far?

Rebecka: So far, I think it has been great! There is a lot of support and engagement for our Master Thesis and there is always someone to ask if something goes wrong or to brainstorm ideas with. Personally, I think it is interesting to get some insight in how the company works to develop their product in such a new, relatively unexplored field.

Kalle: I agree with Rebecka. SeaTwirl is a really great team with a lot of experience and knowledge, and you can see that everyone is passionate about what they do. SeaTwirl is also a very interesting company since it is relatively small and in a startup phase but develops such a complex, hardware focused product.

What has been most challenging so far?

Rebecka: Our Master Thesis is complex and there are a lot of things that one could do. For me, I think limiting the scope down to something feasible has been the most difficult part.

Kalle: Yeah, the more you dig into something the more you realize how complex it is. It is a lot of different kind of physics to take into consideration and try to understand how everything is linked together. How to model and simplify these different things without losing too much accuracy has been really challenging, but also very educational and fun.

Could you consider working in the renewable energy sector after graduation?

Rebecka: Yes, I think it is a super exciting field which is developing rapidly now. We need to move away from fossil fuels, and I think it will be very interesting to follow which renewable energies that will be the most present in the future. Working with SeaTwirl has also opened my eyes more for offshore wind energy and I think it will be interesting to see how this field develops.

Kalle: Yes, for sure! It both feels good and inspires me to work with something that I believe in, as renewable energy. The sector is also growing and there are plenty of cool projects going on, for example regarding offshore wind energy.

Thank you both and best of luck!

The work is carried out in collaboration with Sigma Energy & Marine



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