Visiting S1

We went to Lysekil and visited our faithful servant S1

Every now and then we go visit our faithful servant S1, installed off the coast outside of Lysekil, Gothenburg, for testing and maintenance. We deployed the 30kW floating wind turbine in July 2015, and the project was implemented by a small and ambitious group of staff, on a limited budget. S1 has been connected to the grid and tested according to plan since its deployment, and we are proud that it has withstood harsh weather conditions, autumn and winter storms reaching hurricane wind speeds.

This time Jon Jonsson (System Engineer), Andreas Oscarsson (Lead Engineer) and Andreas Börjesson (Lead Engineer) went to Lysekil. Two days was spent with the turbine, with main purpose to update the power cable leading the energy from the generator house back to mainland. Service of this cable was necessary as it only runs for a certain number of years (even though it has been running long over expected time!). The job went fine without any obstacles and the S1 works well. It’s fantastic being out at the coast watching how the wind turbine spins!

One frequently asked question that we receive about the wind turbine, are how we will handle marine growth on the spar buoy. This is something we been looking into before (we’ve been having divers filming the spar for example) and this time the ocular inspection again showed a very small amount of growth.

SeaTwirl S1 is one of the very few floating wind power projects in the world to have been launched and operated for a longer period of time, this shows how robust our design is. The prototype S1 has really been a proof of concept and given excellent feedback for the development of next generation wind turbine.


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