We have moved!

Take a look at our new office at Lilla Bommen 1, Gothenburg

Take a look at our new office in this video:

We have moved up to the 13th floor, in to the iconic Gothenburg tower “Läppstiftet” (the lipstick) Lilla Bommen 1. This is really a good place for us to grow as a company and hopefully we can all soon work together and join over lunches and “fika”.

Fun fact!

The highest mast of Barken Viking has the height of 55,5 meters over deck and the tower of SeaTwirl S2 has almost the same height above sea level:


Height above sea level: 55 metres (below sea level: approx. 80 metres)

Turbine diameter

50 metres

Rotor blade height

Approx. 40 metres


Optimal operating depth for SeaTwirl S2 is 100 meters and deeper

Designed for extreme wind speed

50 m/s

Cut-off wind speed

25 m/s

Rated power

1 MW. Multiple SeaTwirl S2s can be placed in a dense pattern for increased output.




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