Report from the OTD exhibition

Finally, we were able to exhibit “in real life” again!

Finally, we were able to exhibit “in real life” again. It was a great feeling to travel to another country, meet up people we know in the business (but only seen in the small profile pictures in MSTeams the past years), being able to talk about our S2x project and present our technology.

From SeaTwirl, Erik Aronsson (Lead Engineer), Johan Östberg (Lead Engineer) and Peter Petrov (Head of Mechanical Design) participated, travelling from Gothenburg to Stavanger. Along with them they brought SeaTwirl’s scaled 3D model of the S2x, to better explain and talk about SeaTwirl’s technology. SeaTwirl exhibited together with MetCentre in their booth (who is assisting SeaTwirl getting the concession ready for installing S2x in Haugesund).

3D model of S2x

Peter Petrov, Erik Aronsson and Johan Östberg from SeaTwirl 

OTD (Offshore Technology Days) is an exhibition taking place in Stavanger and is a meeting place for Norwegian companies in the oil, energy, and offshore industry. The exhibitors are within the energy sector, and visitors are mainly working in, or in relation with, the energy sector. As SeaTwirl will install S2x in the water between Stavanger and Haugesund it is good to visit Norway to meet up with local- and potential suppliers in the area, but of course also to stay up to date with latest news within the industry.

This year, what mainly was discussed during the exhibition was the energy transformation now happening where it was agreed that a transformation is needed to take place, going towards a renewable sector.

All in all, it was a good trip, and we are happy to notice that SeaTwirl are well positioned and recognized in the market.  We are now looking forward to exhibit more!

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