Test Lab Lysekil, SeaTwirl S1

SeaTwirl deployed the 30kW grid connected floating wind turbine off the coast of Lysekil in July, 2015.

The project was implemented as expected from a small ambitious group with a limited budget. SeaTwirl S1 is one of very few floating wind power projects in the world that has been launched and operated during a longer period. SeaTwirl S1 has coped with harsh weather conditions, autumn and winter storms including hurricane wind speeds. This shows how robust our design is.

Tests are ongoing in parallel with the development of the next unit (SeaTwirl S2). The prototypes will be designed to verify the principle in more detail and to gradually build knowledge and experience of the new technology. The early prototypes are expected to clarify the system’s technical advantages, while the latter prototype responds to how the manufacturing and installation should be done on a large scale. Each prototype takes us closer to the finished product and for each step we will be able to refine our economic models.


The storm Helga passed over Sweden on December 4, 2015 with Hurricane winds of up to 35m/s, without SeaTwirl S1 been negatively affected.
Portfolio SeaTwirl Windy

More info about the technology can be read at the technology page and more pictures in the photo album below.

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