Lower production and life cycle costs of renewable energy from wind power

Opening up for more locations

SeaTwirl can be anchored at greater depths than conventional wind turbines which enables installations further out to sea where winds are stronger.

Cheaper to produce and maintain

Simplicity and durability are the hallmarks of SeaTwirl. The robust construction has unique qualities that make it affordable to produce and inexpensive to maintain.

Hurricane safe and durable

SeaTwirl’s vertical-axis wind turbine has been proved to withstand very strong winds. Its vertical axis makes it independent of the wind direction.

The SeaTwirl concept

SeaTwirl’s wind turbines use a vertical-axis wind turbine with a tower connected to the sub-sea structure, consisting of a floating element and a keel. As the energy of the wind causes the turbine to rotate, the structure maintains its stability by using the keel and the counter turning moment, similar to the function of a keel on a sailboat.

The wind turbine, the tower and the sub-sea part are assembled and rotate as one unit. Around the tower, above the water surface but below the wind turbine, is an enclosed, stored generator housing that is static or non-rotating. The generator housing and the wind turbine are anchored safely to the seabed by several catenary mooring lines.

SeaTwirl turbines can be sited in areas that are currently out of reach for offshore wind turbines (that are limited to a depth of about 50-60 metres). SeaTwirl turbines can be anchored much deeper than 50-60 metres (unlike any other wind offshore turbines on the market today). This means that SeaTwirl can be sited where winds are stronger and more reliable. 

Research and scientific reports also show that vertical-axis wind turbines have a high structural limit and can be built larger than horizontal-axis wind turbines.

SeaTwirl benefits

Less load on the bearings

Thanks to the floating sub-sea structure of the wind turbine, the bearings inside the generator housing do not need to carry the weight of the turbine. This is unique to SeaTwirl and means that the bearings are subjected to less loads than in other wind turbines.

Easy maintenance and low centre of gravity

SeaTwirl’s wind turbines have a lower centre of gravity and a more stable design than horizontal-axis wind turbines, because the generator and all parts that require maintenance can be placed under the turbine and above the water.

Lower overall cost

SeaTwirl wind turbines are easily accessed which reduces service costs. The company’s unique system ensures lower manufacturing costs, lower life-cycle costs (i.e. reduced need for service and maintenance) and thus a lower overall cost. This is especially important for offshore structures.

Patented technology

SeaTwirl has patented a number of ground-breaking technologies and approaches that make its products more robust, easier to maintain and cheaper to produce. This means that SeaTwirl can produce renewable wind energy at a much lower cost than its competitors.

“Simplicity is one of the key factors for keeping the costs down in offshore wind power. We believe that SeaTwirl checks most boxes when it comes to simplicity and we will be able to provide wind farm owners with cost-effective solutions.”
Peter Laurits
Global Head of Business Development, SeaTwirl

Top 10 reasons to choose SeaTwirl

#1. Lower costs: The SeaTwirl concept is based on simplicity. This cuts production costs and maintenance costs to provide SeaTwirl owners with an attractive and cost-efficient solution.
#2. Scalability: The SeaTwirl concept outperforms traditional horizontal turbines by being even more scalable. In the case of conventional wind power, physics puts a cap on maximum output. We will be able to upscale our solution beyond this cap. We intend to go bigger.
#3. In remote areas such as islands, residents have an uncertain supply of power and demand for locally-produced power is rising. SeaTwirl can offer a steady supply of energy and a greener profile to hotels and other stakeholders in the tourist industry.
#4. Vertical turbines always point in the right direction: As a part of SeaTwirl's concept of simplicity, our vertical turbine does not have to point in any specific direction. Although this might sound insignificant, it eliminates the need for complex machinery and directional controls. Let's bring costs down!
#5. Anchoring out at sea means less disturbance for seaside property owners. This means that SeaTwirl owners have less public opinion and legal requirements to deal with when setting up wind farms.
#6. Grid stabilisation: A unique feature of the SeaTwirl concept is its powerful inertia that lets our turbines "store" rotating energy. This means that SeaTwirl can provide power more continuously.
#7. Compact wind farms: The typical spacing constraints on conventional HAWT wind farms do not fully apply to SeaTwirl's vertical-axis wind turbine (VAWTs). It is even possible to increase the power by placing the wind turbines close to each other in the crosswind direction and use the flow interaction.
#8. Easy to access for maintenance: Placing essential wind turbine components including the generator close to the water surface significantly reduces the maintenance costs and makes access to the generator and the turbine much easier. A low center of gravity is another factor that makes SeaTwirl wind turbines a stable and robust design.
#9. Complete product: Unlike some other suppliers, SeaTwirl is investing in being able to offer a complete solution to owners of, for example, wind farms. Our product includes all parts: Turbine, generator, anchorage and tower with keel.
#10. Easier commissioning: SeaTwirl has several patented smart solutions that not only make servicing the power plant easier, but also make installation and commissioning easier and thus cheaper. We believe that the key to success is a more cost-effective product.

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