SeaTwirl is a new principle to harvest offshore wind energy. SeaTwirl uses the ocean sea water as a bearing and can therefore use cheaper and heavier materials and function as a large low speed flywheel. By using this new principle offshore wind power plants can be built without any gearbox, transmission line or roller bearings to take up the weight from the turbine. The new principles main advantage is therefore simplicity. SeaTwirl can therefore take wind power to a new level of scale and cost effectiveness.

SeaTwirl uses a vertical axis wind turbine to absorb the wind energy and a torus ring to store this energy. SeaTwirl uses the physical law for conservation of momentum to enable some storage capacity. This will enable for SeaTwirl to rotate evenly, independent of smaller fluctuations in the wind.

An illustration of SeaTwirl is seen above. 1 indicates the vertical wind turbine. 2 indicates the torus ring used by SeaTwirl to fstabilize the energy output. 3 indicates the float body rotating in direct contact with the water and using the water as a roller bearing. 4 indicates the generator at the bottom of the float body. All these parts rotate together as one and the only thing not rotating is the generator axis and anchorage seen below the generator.