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Meet our new CEO Johan Sandberg

Starting on March 1, 2023, at the latest, our new CEO has broad offshore wind industry experience.

Johan Sandberg
Johan Sandberg

Starting on March 1, 2023, at the latest, our new CEO has broad offshore wind industry experience.

Read the press release that went out this morning about the change here.

After graduating from Lund University with a MSc in Mechanical Engineering, Johan worked with corporate risk management before he joined the global advisory and certification body DNV and started his offshore career in 2008.

Rising through the ranks and earning his MBA from the Nanyang Technological University Singapore in 2012, he, among other things, had global responsibility for offshore renewables advisory services, responsibility for developing the world’s first design standard for floating wind turbines, and the world’s only guideline for integrating offshore wind with offshore oil & gas installations.

In 2019, he joined Norwegian industrial group Aker as head of Business Development for floating offshore wind in Aker Solutions, Aker Offshore, and Freja Offshore.

“I’ve had a specific focus on floating wind turbine technology for almost 15 years. Developing and evaluating design standards, fabrication, operations, supply chain, policy, and coexistence in the ocean space,” says Johan Sandberg.

With climate change, energy security and sustainability forcing change on the world’s energy systems, Johan has long felt there is a need to think different.

“For years I have stated that we need to dare to think big, unconventional thoughts in order to solve it, and in joining SeaTwirl I intend to live up to that statement. Offshore wind is key part of the solution, and it is fundamental that we manage to go into the deep oceans, beyond the horizon. I have always tried to keep an eye at the horizon trying to see what technologies that will be important in the future. Vertical axis wind turbines have potential to be the next big thing,” he says.

In SeaTwirl, he sees a company that has challenged conventional thinking and developed exciting new technology.

The SeaTwirl team has truly been thinking outside of the box, developing a vertical axis wind turbine on a rotating substructure, a technology that could play a very important role in the future energy landscape. We have an incredibly exciting journey ahead of us, proving the technology and commercialising it well before 2030. I cannot wait to get started,” he says.

Andreas Johansson, 9 November 2022

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