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SeaTwirl is granted another US patent!

The US Patent Office has approved SeaTwirl’s patent for a divisible wind turbine on March 19th 2019. The patent protects an important innovation in a potentially very large market for floating wind power.

– The US is a potentially very large market for floating wind power, not least on the west coast, which is both densely populated and has great sea depths. Therefore, it is particularly important to protect our innovations in the US market, ”says Gabriel Strängberg, CEO of SeaTwirl.

The patent protects a solution where the wind turbine is divisible above and below the house that holds the generator and bearing, which means that the entire generator and bearing housing can be replaced just above the water surface by boat. It facilitates and reduces the costs of installation and maintenance, and means that the downtime, ie the time when the wind turbine cannot produce electricity due to repairs and maintenance, can be minimized.

SeaTwirl is strategically working on building a broad patent portfolio. By protecting technical solutions that make the wind turbines cheaper to build and maintain, the company strengthens its market position. The corresponding patent was approved in Sweden in 2017.

– Simplicity is key out at sea and this is an example of how SeaTwirl develops simple, robust and cost-effective solutions. The solution that has now also received an American patent reduces the cost of service and maintenance by simplifying the installation and replacement of entire modules, continues Gabriel Strängberg.

Gabriel, 21 March 2019

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