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SeaTwirl signs two long-term cooperation agreements

SeaTwirl has signed letters of intent (LOI) with two specialist companies for the development and manufacturing of composite parts for struts and blades as well bearing solutions to the company’s wind turbine named S2. The intent is to develop cost efficient and robust solutions for the S2 and to enter into long-term cooperation agreements.

”It is very pleasing to be able to formalize the cooperation with both these specialist companies by signing letters of intent for long-term cooperation agreements. We continue to work in a structured way according to our project plan and view successful partnerships with suppliers as a key part of that work”, says SeaTwirl CEO Peter Laurits.

Read the full press release here: seatwirl-tecknar-tva-langsiktiga-samarbetsavtal-79469_SeaTwirl-PM-200910-Agreement-for-cooperation (1)

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