Dan Friberg is SeaTwirl’s new Chairman of the Board

The former vice chairman, Dan Friberg, will take over as Chairman of the Board after Malcolm Wiberg, who at his own request will step down from the position

Malcolm Wiberg has been Chairman of the Board since August last year, and during his time SeaTwirl has had a successful rights issue. Malcolm has also in a strategic way driven the company and its projects forward. On May 26th, 2021, it was announced that Malcolm, at his own request, chooses to step down from his position and vice chairman Dan Friberg takes over.

Dan Friberg is CEO and co-owner of the company Infobric and sits in a dozen other boards. Dan holds an MBA from the Jönköping International Business School and has held several leading positions in the innovation system and the financial sector, including working as CEO of Science Park in Jönköping. He has also been an entrepreneur in several companies.

“I look forward to take next step and become chairman of SeaTwirl’s board and I will contribute with a lot of energy to the company’s development. We are in the middle of a very intense and important phase for the company, so it is with excitement and determination I take over after Malcolm. ” Says Dan Friberg.

CEO, Peter Laurits comments:

“I would like to thank Malcolm for his time on the board. Now we look forward to work more closely with Dan Friberg in his new role as Chairman of the Board.”

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