Jens Tommerup proposed as new Chairman of the Board of SeaTwirl

The Board of Directors of SeaTwirl AB ("publ") hereby proposes the election of Jens Tommerup as new Chairman of the Board of SeaTwirl. As SeaTwirl enters a new phase with increased focus on commercialization, the current Chairman of the Board Roger Cederberg, has decided to withdraw. Also, founder Daniel Ehrnberg withdraws from the Board to focus on the company's technical development as a technical specialist.

SeaTwirl develops a floating wind turbine in a simple and robust design that lowers costs from installation to maintenance. In recent years, the company has gone from prototyping to developing a turbine of 1MW, S2. As the company now enters a new phase with larger turbines and a greater market focus, changes are proposed in the company’s Board of Directors.

Jens Tommerup was elected a Board member in September 2018. After a year in the Board and with long experience of offshore wind power, Jens is ready to secure SeaTwirl’s success.

“During my year in the Board, I have become even more convinced that SeaTwirl and its technology will play an important role in the future of offshore wind power. I look forward to contribute with my experiences, my network and hard work to make the company even more successful, ”says Jens Tommerup. With his background as former CEO of MHI Vestas and his global network in the offshore wind power industry, Jens is considered to have an ideal profile to become Chairman of the Board.

Peter Laurits, who joined the Board in 2017, is proposed to to take on the role as Deputy Chairman of the Board. Peter has previously successfully taken Swedish products and innovations to international markets. He has extensive experience from international organizations, sales and marketing.

“Together with SeaTwirl’s fantastic team, I feel excited to participate in further developing the company’s unique solution for offshore wind turbines. I have many years of experience of international sales that I consider important for the journey ahead” says Peter Laurits.

Roger Cederberg hands over to Jens and Peter after being Chairman of the Board since the start of the company in 2012.

“As a Chairman, it has been extremely exciting to help build one of the world’s most exciting renewable energy companies. With a new phase ahead where SeaTwirl is going more global, I feel confident to hand over to Jens Tommerup and Peter Laurits.” says Roger Cederberg.

“Roger Cederberg has been a very valued Chairman over the years as SeaTwirl has made its impressive journey,” says Board member Pontus Ryd, who also represents one of SeaTwirl’s major shareholders.

Also, SeaTwirl’s inventor and founder Daniel Ehrnberg has decided to leave the Board. Daniel has chosen to step down in order to work with the company’s technical development as a technical specialist. Since the company’s founding in 2012, Daniel has held dual roles as a Board member and member of the team.

“I am a technician and now that SeaTwirl is entering a new phase, I will focus more on the technological development,” says Daniel Ehrnberg.

The changes of the board are expected to take place at the next board meeting.

The company’s four main shareholders announce that they want to propose a warrants program aimed at three board members, as well as new advisers and key personnel. More information about the warrants program is published in the form of resolutions in a notice to the Extraordinary General Meeting.



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