High profile from the Energy Industry joins the SeaTwirl board!

At the annual general meeting which was held on February 26, Charlotte Bergqvist was elected to SeaTwirl’s board of directors. Charlotte, with her long experience and prestigious board appointments in the energy industry, sees in SeaTwirl an exciting technology with a bright future.

Charlotte began in the wind power industry early in 2000 and was quick to realize the potential in offshore wind power. Stronger and more consistent winds coupled with the possibility to build very large turbines placed out of sight for the public was some of the possibilities she saw.

— Even if I have worked with wind power for a long time, I think we have only seen the beginning of the possibilities of what offshore wind power has to offer. With cost efficient floating technology such as SeaTwirl’s turbine, whole new possibilities are opening up that makes it possible to build in places that used to be out of reach, she says.

Among her other assignments are the chairpersonship of the electricity industry’s association Power Circle — which focuses on the questions of the future of the electricity industry, such as smart grids, e-mobility and renewable energy — and the assignment to board of Svenska Kraftnät. Svenska Kraftnät is the authority responsible for the Swedish power grid.

To reach the climate targets, the use of renewables in the energy production mix must increase and that will generate/incur new demands, not just on grid design but also on the renewables themselves. In the end, the renewable production must be cost efficient and designed in a manner that doesn’t unnecessarily burden the grid.

— It’s exciting to be able to contribute to SeaTwirl, which I think has an interesting technology with potential to fulfil the demands that are put and will be put on renewables in the future. The turbine is designed to be cost efficient in both installation and maintenance, and has features, both in terms of location and technology, that makes it very interesting from a grid perspective, she says.

— Charlotte has a perfect background for strengthening SeaTwirl into a player to be reckoned with in the wind power market. We are very pleased and happy to have been able to recruit her to our board, says chairman Roger Cederberg.


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