Roger and Daniel, thank you!

After seven years as chairman and member respectively, Roger Cederberg and Daniel Ehrnberg leave the board to focus on new roles within the company as SeaTwirl enters a new phase.

SeaTwirl has since the start in 2012 been a company focused on technological development. As the company now enters a more commercial phase, the board roles typically found in newly formed companies will be specialized to better utilize people’s specific competences.

Roger Cederberg has been chairman since the company was founded, and it has been part of the long-term plan that he would eventually resign. Before he stepped down to become a senior advisor, he wanted to find the perfect replacements.

“As a Chairman, it has been extremely exciting to help build one of the world’s most exciting renewable energy companies. With a new phase ahead where SeaTwirl is going more global, I feel confident to hand over to Jens Tommerup and Peter Laurits.” says Roger Cederberg.

Jens Tommerup is the former CEO of MHI Vestas, a joint venture between Vestas and Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, has been a board member for a year. Peter Laurits has been a board member since 2017 and has extensive experience from international companies and negotiations.

Daniel has held dual roles as a Board member and member of the team since the start of the company and will now instead focus on the technology.

“I am a technician and now that SeaTwirl is entering a new phase, I will focus more on the technological development,” says Daniel Ehrnberg.

“Roger, Daniel and I have worked closely together for many years and it has been a very good collaboration. I am glad that they continue their commitment in the company now when they leave the Board, ”says CEO Gabriel Strängberg.


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