Updates within S2x design

SeaTwirl reports news within S2x project

As previously reported, SeaTwirl is waiting for concession approval before installation of S2x in Norway (planned for 2023). Meanwhile the SeaTwirl team’s focus is directed towards minimizing the potential risks and improving the design to be as efficient as possible.

To better understand the market’s needs and preferences SeaTwirl has ongoing dialogues with potential customers as well as internal iterations. Together with existing test data from SeaTwirl’s prototype S1, this provides a good knowledge base for the team, for further improvement work of S2x.

SeaTwirl can now report that the effort has resulted in a floater that is easier to manufacture and install, as it has been decided to remove the heave plate from the bottom of the SPAR. The heave plate used to be part of the design to increase the heave period of the SPAR. With simulations and tank tests it has been proven that the heave plate is no longer needed. Removing the heave plate will have positive effects for both manufacturing and installation.

Without the heave plate, it is now possible to use a simpler installation procedure where the ballast can be poured into the bottom of the SPAR. This ensures a better and smoother filling process. The SPAR will also be both lighter and cheaper to manufacture since the heave plate would be both costly and make the installation more complicated.

In parallel with working on S2x, SeaTwirl has also started to investigate in next generation wind turbines and scaling up the design. The new design of the SPAR is a contribution to this work as it makes upscaling simpler.

As we are getting closer to installation of our S2x, it feels great to see the team successfully lower complexity and decrease risk of the system. Removal of the heave plate is one such example and brings us closer to a scaled-up version of the system. The benefits of removing the heave plate are significant and I’m happy for the team’s achievement.” Jonas Boström, CTO SeaTwirl.


First picture showing the SPAR with heave plate, second picture showing heave plate removed 




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