SeaTwirl S2. The Next Generation Wind Power.

1 MW

Future versions will have increased output. 

Low Cost

Less complex and low maintenance costs.

Less Downtime

Few moving parts means more operative hours.

SeaTwirl S2 pilot installation in 2021

We are currently developing the full-scale, 1-MW, S2 unit, for installation in 2021. The SeaTwirl S2 will be available for purchase by leading energy companies.

The SeaTwirl S2 is a natural evolution of the S1 test unit, based on the same principle of design. More details can be found on our products page.

Advantages of SeaTwirl

  • Simple, robust design with a minimum of breakable moving parts, which means less downtime and more output
  • Provides easy access to parts requiring maintenance
  • Stable structure due to the low centre of gravity
  • The water supports the weight of the wind turbine which reduces stress on the bearings
  • Scientific reports show that vertical-axis wind turbines have a high structural limit and can be built larger than horizontal axis wind turbines.

Areas of use

  • Wind farms
  • Islands and remote locations
  • Fish farms
This illustration shows how multiple SeaTwirl S2's can be placed in a more dense pattern in comparison with traditional wind power.
“Two-thirds of the Earth's surface is covered by oceans. I strongly believe that in the future we're going to be using this resource to power the world.”
Daniel Ehrnberg
Inventor and technical specialist, SeaTwirl


SeaTwirl S2 at a glance


Height above sea level: 55 metres (below sea level: approx. 80 metres)

Turbine diameter

50 metres

Rotor blade height

Approx. 40 metres


Optimal operating depth for SeaTwirl S2 is 100 meters and deeper

Designed for extreme wind speed

50 m/s

Cut-off wind speed

25 m/s

Rated power

1 MW. Multiple SeaTwirl S2s can be placed in a dense pattern for increased output.

Are you interested in our products?

Interested in how SeaTwirl can help your energy project deliver renewable energy at the lowest cost available? Welcome to contact us for a more in-depth presentation of our products and projects!

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