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Buying SeaTwirl S1 or S2

We want to get in touch with potential buyers of our SeaTwirl S1 and S2 offshore wind turbines. Please contact us with questions or inquiries.


When planning a wind power plant, you need to consider numerous factors over the project’s lifecycle. These range from financing and siting to grid requirements and the regulatory framework. As a SeaTwirl customer, you will benefit from the fact that floating offshore wind power is easier to plan in many ways. At SeaTwirl, we will work alongside you throughout this phase of the project.

Construction and delivery

During the construction phase, the wind power plant is built and connected to the grid. There are many issues to be addressed by both the developer and SeaTwirl to ensure that this is done efficiently.

“A big future is forecast for floating foundations.”
Andreas Schröter
Executive Vice President of Renewables Certification at DNV GL


Our goal is to be dedicated to the production of wind turbines, and at the same time address the needs of energy companies, windfarm prospectors and consultancy companies. We want to get into touch with potential buyers or resellers of our SeaTwirl S1 and S2 offshore wind turbines. Please contact us with questions or inquiries.

Energy companies

We believe that SeaTwirl’s products will be an attractive addition to the field of renewable energy production. Energy companies will benefit from SeaTwirl’s compliance with regulatory needs and green branding. Moreover, SeaTwirl’s products will be more cost efficient compared with other energy-producing solutions.


SeaTwirl is committed to addressing the needs of wind park prospectors and consultancy companies.

End users

There are also a number of end users, such as organisations and companies, that want or need to produce energy on their own.

Huge market size

7% to 11% of Europe’s electricity will be offshore wind by 2030

24.6 GW production

Estimated production from offshore wind power by 2020.

Locally-produced power

Enables energy production closer to where it is needed.

The market for offshore wind power

The spread of the offshore industry has taken a global turn with growth not only in Europe, but also in the USA and Asia. SeaTwirl is poised to gain access to all markets using its unique product solution.

Great potential for growth

It is estimated that this market will increase dramatically in the future. Energy experts estimate that total production will be 24.6 GW (2020) and 86 GW (2030).

Are you interested in our products?

Interested in how SeaTwirl can help your energy project deliver renewable energy at the lowest cost available? Welcome to contact us for a more in-depth presentation of our products and projects!

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