Areas of use

Multiple applications for SeaTwirl

SeaTwirl is primarily intended for use in offshore commercial wind farms, but there are other interesting areas of use too.

Wind farms

It is estimated that this market will increase dramatically in the future. Energy experts estimate that 7% to 11% of Europe’s electricity will be generated by offshore wind by 2030. With its unique set of features for wind farm owners, SeaTwirl is poised to play a role in this development.

Islands and remote locations

Supplies of power are uncertain in many remote locations and demand for locally-produced power is rising. SeaTwirl can offer a steady supply of energy and a greener profile to hotels and other stakeholders in the tourist industry.

Fish farms

Other potential off-grid users are fish farms. They require power on a smaller scale to deliver electricity to feeders and pumps.
“It's clear that wind energy's time has come. My message is a very simple one: our government is committed to addressing climate change, and we know that wind power will play a critical role in those efforts.”
Jim Carr
Minister of Natural Resources, Canada
Remote islands and seaside villages rely mainly on electricity from diesel generators, which is both expensive and emits CO2.

SeaTwirl for niche markets

SeaTwirl has now identified markets where wind turbines of the size of 1 MW can meet a clear market demand and sees a possibility to build a business aimed at these niche markets in parallel with its main target. That can mean revenues for the company sooner than was originally planned.

The niche markets that have been identified are islands and remote seaside villages, fish farms and desalination plants. These are business and places that today are run mainly on electricity from diesel generators, which is both expensive and emits CO2.


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