This illustration shows how SeaTwirl wind power allows for greater flexibility since units can be anchored further out at sea (depths of 50 meters). The increased distance from land means less visual and noise impact for beach property owners.

The SeaTwirl concept

SeaTwirls wind turbines use a vertical axis wind turbine with a tower located on a subsea part, consisting of a floating element and a keel. When the wind turbine catches wind energy, the structure is stabilized thanks to the keel similar to the function of a sailboat.

Here we go

The wind turbine, the tower and the subsea part are assembled and rotate as a common unit. Around the tower, above the water surface, but under the wind turbine is an enclosed, stored generator house standing still. From the generator housing there are anchoring lines down to the seabed.

One can use areas at sea that is out of reach for windparks to day. SeaTwirl can anchor its turbines as deep as 50 m unlike any other wind turbine on the market today. This means stronger and more reliable winds in contrast to onshore placed wind turbines.

Scientific reports show that vertical axis wind turbines have a high structural limit and can be built larger than horizontal axis wind turbines.

Less load on the bearings

Because the wind turbine is assembled with the subsea part, the bearings in the generator housing do not need to pick up the weight of the wind turbine without the water’s flowing power, the weight increases. This is unique to SeaTwirl and means that the bearings are subjected to less loads than other wind turbines.

Easy maintenance and low center of gravity

SeaTwirls wind turbines have a lower center of gravity and a more stable construction than horizontal axis wind turbines because the generator and all parts that require service and maintenance can be placed under the turbine

Lower total cost

The location contributes to increased accessibility for maintenance work, and boats may be of a much smaller size, reducing service costs. The company’s unique system results in lower manufacturing costs, lower service and maintenance costs, and thus a lower total cost.

Patented Technology

SeaTwirls has patented a number of ground-breaking technologies and approaches that make our products more robust, easier to maintain and cheaper to produce. This means that SeaTwirl can produce renewable wind energy at a much lower cost than our competitors.

Are you interested in our products?

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