Meet our colleague!

Welcome Johan, who recently started working at SeaTwirl as Lead Engineer

What made you apply for this job?

I have followed SeaTwirl for many years from the sideline. I have always thought that the product has what I’m looking for when it comes to innovation in the field of sustainable technology. And when SeaTwirl applied for a Lead Engineer, I felt that now is the time to apply for the position.

Can you tell us more about your position as Lead Engineer?

Besides general design and development I work to establish the strategy of the mechanical design in terms of planning and case studies, both for the ongoing project and upscaling projects. In the everyday work with design and development it is also about solving problems and overseeing of the mechanical design and assimilability. I also have the privilege of working with many of our skilled subcontractors with different types of developments and upcoming procurements.

What do you do on a typical day at work?

Lately, my focus has been to finalize the mechanical drive train of S2x in order to incorporate some optimizations and improvements. I have also participated in a study regarding turbine design. With that said, a workday contains of meetings together with the SeaTwirl team, problem solving and discussions together with our subcontractors, all to ensure that we make correct decisions in the development and get the best product.

What do you like most with your job?

First of all, I think it is inspiring to work with renewable energy. I also like that we are an agile organization which makes it possible to incorporate improvements both to the product and the way of working in a short manner of time. Hence the company is quite small you also have good variation of the everyday work. I also like the fact that we have such huge knowledge within the company. That makes the team work really inspiring!

What are the challenges with your job?

It is of course a challenge to understand all technical details in this system when you are rather new. But I always strive to get as deep understanding as possible to be able to make best decisions for the product and company.

What are your thoughts on renewable energy and how we at SeaTwirl can be one part of the solution for a more sustainable world?

I think we will need different sources of renewables; one solution will not be enough. It is also depending on geographical location. Some countries and regions are better suited to certain types of renewables depending on their natural resources. And some regions need floating wind instead of bottom fixed. So, we will need different types for sure. All in all, to step away from fossil fuels. I can see that SeaTwirl has what is needed when talking about floating wind. And the backlog ahead is huge!

Are you interested in our products?

Interested in how SeaTwirl can help your energy project deliver renewable energy at the lowest cost available? Welcome to contact us for a more in-depth presentation of our products and projects!

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