One of three tools is ready

We went to our supplier Elitkomposit, to see the progress of the manufacturing of the blades.


Beginning of May Jonas Boström (CTO) and Björn Skarenhed (Project Manager) visited our supplier Elitkomposit in Uddevalla, just north of Gothenburg. They met up with Andreas Simonsson, Lead Designer at Elitkomposit, who together with his team will help SeaTwirl develop the composite structures and produce the composite parts for the blades of SeaTwirl S2. The composite plug you can see in the video is approximately 15 meters long and has a smooth surface. The 40-meter-long finished blades will have the same surface finish.

During the guided tour around the building, Andreas showed the new 50-meter-long warehouse, which was constructed especially for SeaTwirl. This is where the production of the blades will take place.

Since our visit we recieved this picture of the warehouse, ready for our blades!

A couple of months ago, when SeaTwirl visited Elitkomposit, the first steps of the blade manufacturing had just started. This time, the first of the three tool sections is complete, which will allow Elitkomposit to start the production of the second tool section. When all three sections are ready, they will be assembled to form the 40-meter-long blade tool.

Who are Elitkomposit?

“We are a development driven composite manufacturer that helps our customers design components for rational production. We use all major composite production processes in order to choose the appropriate process for each component in a system. We have produced load bearing components launched into space, structures used at the bottom of the ocean and all in between. I think this track record in combination with our aim to develop with our customers is why we were approached by SeaTwirl. I am very proud we have been appointed to help develop and produce the S2 system and it is a pleasure working together with the talented SeaTwirl engineers!” Andreas Simonsson, Lead designer, Elitkomposit

Jonas Boström comments: “We are very proud to have Elitkomposit as suppliers for our S2 project. They are knowledgeable and experienced when it comes to composite and fibre reinforced plastic. I always feel comfortable with Elitkomposit’s suggestions and expertise. Thanks for having us, Elitkomposit!”

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