RISE tests of fall arrest anchors according to EN 795 performed

SeaTwirl is considering personnel safety and method of accessing our VAWT:s blades for inspection and service.

We have developed a method for attaching climbing points without disturbing the turbine airflow. The method is scalable and suitable also for larger turbines than our current S2x.

The system consists of “female” anchor points preinstalled in the laminated composite, and the climber staff may connect themselves to these intermittently when performing inspection or future service.

Successful tests performed

The attachment points were tested for static and dynamic loading at RISE facilities in Borås. Both carbon- and glass fiber solutions were successfully tested to full load capacity withstanding the stipulated load levels.

The blades are currently in production at Elitkomposit in Uddevalla, who also provided the test samples.

We thank RISE for the good cooperation.

Jon Jonsson, SeaTwirl System Engineer, at RISE test facilities in Borås, Sweden.

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