Welcome Joanna!

Meet our new engineer Joanna Eichstaedt.

Welcome Joanna! Tell us about yourself!

I’m a mechanical engineer from Poland. I studied at the Gdansk University of Technology and also spent two semesters at the Norwegian University of Science and Technology in Trondheim. My focus since I started working has mainly been 3D models of mechanical devices, working closely with manufacturers, and also some sketches in 2D.


What will you be doing here at SeaTwirl?

Mainly 3D models. It is basically a way to see the device before it is physically manufactured and to make sure that you assemble it in the right order. With a model, one can easily find potential faults and improve the design at an early stage, thereby de-risking projects.


And what brought you to Sweden and SeaTwirl?

I knew from my time in Trondheim that I wanted to get back to the Scandies. So, my plan was to go back to Poland to gain work experience and then get back here. SeaTwirl had the added appeal of being in renewable energy, which I believe is the future.


Final question, what do like most about being an engineer?

That you can have a real tangible impact. Building things that can help address climate change and save the planet is what appeals to me most.

Are you interested in our products?

Interested in how SeaTwirl can help your energy project deliver renewable energy at the lowest cost available? Welcome to contact us for a more in-depth presentation of our products and projects!

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